Andy Webb is a hot water drilling engineer from British Antarctic Survey

meet the engineering team - Andy Webb

My involvement in this project

I am one of two Drilling Engineers who will be on site operating the drilling equipment in order to produce a hole through the ice into the subglacial Lake below.


Working closely with Andy Tait the other Drilling Engineer, we are jointly responsible for the design, testing, commissioning, training and operation of the extensive Hot Water Drilling System.

What does being in this project mean to you personally?

This is a very exciting project for me to be working on. From a scientific point of view we are going into the unknown and the prospect of what may be found within the Lake is fascinating.

However the engineering challenge was the draw for me. The sheer size of the equipment required to undertake this mammoth task and the conditions that we will be operating in will test us to the limit. I feel privileged to be working within this relatively small team of skilled individuals in their specialist field in order to carry out what was thought to be an inconceivable project only a few years ago.

Have you been to Antarctica before?

Yes, my first trip in 2006 was as a vehicle engineer at the UK’s largest Antarctic base, Rothera Research Station, where I spent a period of 18 months during which time I was fortunate enough to visit many sites within the British Antarctic Territory including, Fossil Bluff, Sky Blu, Patriot hills. I was also part of the team who inputted the original science field party to the Ellsworth site in 2006-07 via Twin Otter Aircraft.  


In 2007 I moved into the Building services section where I worked as The Islands Facilities Engineer and travelled between Signy, Bird Island and King Edward Point Research Stations each season for the past 3 years.






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